12-yo Girl Prevents Kidnapping By Pretending iPod Touch Is a Phone

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This week in Stanton, Delaware, a 12-yo girl was confronted by a man driving a white van. He told her to get in. She held up her iPod Touch and said she'd dialed 911. That may have saved her life.

The girl was accosted in the late afternoon this Wednesday by a suspect who's described as a white male, 35-45 years of age, dark hair, crew cut. And her quick thinking caused him to flee the scene immediately.


Thank goodness she thought of that in time. And—as Cult of Mac points out—what a ringing endorsement for iPod Touch VoIP apps. If she had read our primer on turning your iPod Touch into a hacked Verizon iPhone, she actually could have called for help—although not 911. Meanwhile, all not-creepy guys who happen to own vans are shaking their heads in disappointment. [ABC News via Cult of Mac]