Where were you last Monday? You know, Memorial Day? Some of you were kind enough to pull out your cameras and share the view.


Winner: Golden Gate National Cemetery

Canon T2i, 10mm, f/8, ISO 100. This is a picture of the Golden Gate National Cemetery, located in the city of San Bruno, 12 miles South of San Francisco. The cemetery was officially dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 1942.


- Diego Jimenez

Flag Field


My wife really wanted to go to a memorial day event that was going on near her work. After looking at this weeks contest i decided that this would be the perfect place to take a shot. This shot was taken in Ohio at an event for Memorial Day with a Nikon D5100, ISO-100 f/5 with 18-55mm lens and very few enhancements with photoshop. It is titled "Field of Heroes" after the event.

- Shawn Baird

Patriots In Boxers


We spent the weekend skiing at Snowbird Resort in Utah. As part of their end-of-season festivities, They open the resort for a huge party Memorial day weekend. Everyone shows up dressed in costumes - from patriotic to ridiculous. We decided to take a few runs at the end of the day before the partying got too wild for us to ski safely any further. I snapped this pic of a friend who decided to have a little fun after a few beers, and right before he wiped out on a massive jump. Camera info: Canon T3i, 1/30, f/11 iso 200

- Austin Parker

Strawberry Pie


My sister gave me this pie to celebrate both of our birthdays. Mine is on May 20th and her's the 28th. I received my first DSLR camera for my birthday this year from my in-laws. After taking some great photos of the wife and dogs I pretty much gave up trying to find a Memorial Day submission for this contest. So I cut a piece of pie and sat down to watch something on the DVR. I built a Windows Media Center HTPC using a Ceton quad tuner card. The blue/purplish reflection on the fork is from the tv connected to the HTPC. Camera Model Canon EOS REBEL T3i Shooting Date/Time 5/27/2013 3:37:49 PM Shooting Mode Aperture-Priority AE Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/100 Av( Aperture Value ) 4.0 Metering Mode Evaluative Metering Exposure Compensation +1/3 ISO Speed 800 Lens EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Focal Length 27.0mm Image Size 5184x3456 Image Quality Fine White Balance Mode Daylight AF Mode One-Shot AF AF area select mode Manual selection

- Casey Mills

Too Far, Fanboys. Too Far.


The shot was taken with a Canon EOS 7D equipped with the 24-105mm f/4L Lens. ISO 100, 32mm, f/4, 1/1600s. I recently left my job and found something creative to do with the uniform to make the picture Memorial Day themed. All editing was done in Aperture. Happy Memorial Day!

- Nicholas Scala



Memorial day weekend doubled as a goodbye party for Justine. After serving several years in the Guard, she was going to leave for the Marines Tuesday. I've shot her breathing fire several times and wanted to try something different this last time. So she let loose one last time in front of a crowd of friends and family as I laid down in front of her. Used a Nikon D800 at 2000th of a second at F10.

- Mike Machian

Lone Soldier


For this weeks challenge I captured the American Flag. I used a Lilac bush in the foreground to frame my shot. I used with my Canon T1i at f/4.2, 1/640 sec with a focal length of 75mm. All of the editing was done in Light Room which consisted of a little color tweaking.

- Andrew VandenHuevel

Vietnam Memorial


SONY DSC-WX150 Focal Length - 4.45mm Exposure Time- 0.008s (1.125) f/8 ISO 100 The fact that the Kentucky Vietnam Memorial is minutes from my home made for a convenient, albeit reflective shoot. I try to make it there twice a year to pay my respects and hope have the honor of speaking with some veterans, and hearing their stories. This time I spoke with a couple of Korean War veterans- mainly in regards to how no one comes to pay their respects anymore. That we've basically forgotten them. I was shocked when I was thanked by THEM for coming to the memorial. The memorial is actually a giant sundial, and the tip of the shadow casts upon each veteran at the anniversary of their death. I took this an hour or two before sunset, freehand, with my Sony point and shoot. I don't have the knowledge or equipment to take truly breathtaking shots, but I like to think I have an eye for capturing those great moments when real photographers left their camera at home.

- Carlos Felix

Misty Eyed


I went to the San Francisco National Cemetery where they put a flag at each tomb stone, and they were preparing for a big presentation. I was unsure if it would be insensitive to be taking pictures at the cemetery so I kind of went to the way back where I'd be out of the way. It was really misty and a lot of my shots were ruined because I did not realize that water droplets formed on my lens, but I did get a few OK shots. I used my macro lens, the iso was 100, shutter speed 1/320, and aperture 3.0

- Matthew Singleton



I enjoy doing night photography and being that the moon was full and bright i decided to head out and start my nightly endeavors. I remember hearing about how the local veterans memorial has volunteers set up flags at the headstones as they do at Arlington. With the amount of rain we had that morning i was surprised to see the volunteers had actually got all 20,000 flags down. Having two older brothers in the military, one a disabled vet and one active duty, and being in the military myself. Its an honor to be among those who have served and are serving. Not just in the U.S military but all military's globally. HDR edited Camera : Nikon D7000 Lens: 8MM Rokinon Fisheye Lens F-stop: 7.1 Exposure: 47.6sec ISO:400

- Jason Houck

Lantern Floating


"Lantern Floating Hawaii is a ceremony where all can come together for a personal and collective moment of remembrance, reflection, and offering gratitude to those who have gone before us. Held annually on Memorial Day on Oʻahu’s south shore, it brings together over 40,000 people on the beach, joined by thousands around the world via live streaming and telecast for an evening of honoring loved ones and generating collective hope toward the future." —lanternfloatinghawaii.com I was lucky to get this shot of this particular lantern. There were literally thousands of lanterns floating in the ocean. It is amazing how an occasion like this can be incredibly grand yet deeply personal at the same time. In the dark I really couldn't tell what's written on the lanterns. When I found what I have captured later at home, I thought, I had to submit this one. Because these words, more so than my image, so precisely captures what Memorial Day is all about. Canon 5D Mark III with EF24-105mm f/4L IS @ 65mm 1/200, f/4, ISO 1000

- Lin Dunsmore



My town puts one flag for every branch of the military and a POW-MIA flag on that flagpole every year for Memorial Day. I thought it would be great to get a shot from below looking straight up at all the flags flapping together. The only problem was when I went to get the shot there was zero wind. And on the rare occasion the wind came, it only was enough to get the big American flag going. So I had to rethink the situation. I walked around for a bit until I saw that all the telephone poles also had different flags on them. The POW-MIA flag juxtaposed with the American flag I think is the best example of Memorial Day because today we remember the sacrifices that these people gave for our country. Canon 7D, 28mm, ISO 800, f/8, 1/1000

- Mike Stuchlak

He Reluctantly Agreed


Camera: Canon Rebel XS Lens: 17-85mm ISO: 400 F-stop: f/5.6 I was with my some friends Sunday afternoon riding on Foothills Parkway in east Tennessee, and we came across this gentleman. He was alone next to a motorcycle gang. I asked my friend to stop so I could take his picture. He reluctantly agreed to let me take his picture. He already set the scene with his handle bar stache, big truck, no shirt, and the American flag behind him.

- Morgan R. Miller

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to enter this week's challenge—on a holiday, no less! I was particularly taken by our winner because, even though we've all seen shots framed like this before, the white blowout in the sky actually blends into a white backdrop perfectly, invoking the feel of infinity. And if you'd like any of these photos in high resolution, head to flickr.