14 Boring Things GoPro Makes Awesome

Most of us will never do a McTwist like Shaun White or catch a wave like Kelly Slater. But that doesn't mean we can't partake in the joys of a good action cam. Here are some of our favorite examples of GoPro making the little things—okay, the totally mundane things—a billion times better:


New X-Games category: Pancake Flipping.

A view like this makes you actually want to mow the lawn...

...and vacuum.

Ikea resembles the seventh ring of hell when it's busy. But behind the safety of a Hero 3, everything is glorious.

The thing about paddleboarding with an action cam is that it doesn't matter how terrible you are at it.

Can't tell if GoPro was made for dogs, or the other way around.

Especially if there's swimming involved.

Let's just agree to strap GoPros to the backs of all dogs, because this clip of a greyhound in pursuit of his prey is wonderful.

Speaking of animals, you definitely wouldn't want to forget your GoPro next time you visit the zoo.

A 25 minute cam is less of a yawn when documented on your action camera.

Dad has to sell his '68 Camaro, but you're a selfless child so you help him make an action cam video of his midlife crisis.

Your podunk swimming hole might as well be Niagra Falls.

That sudden urge to play golf is totally natural.

Or quit your job and become an asparagus farmer.

Have any to add? Post your best and GoPro videos of otherwise boring stuff below.


Tough Mudder!

Moving a shed!