15 Gaming Designs That Make You Go "Whyyyyyy?"

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Old school consoles, like the RCA Studio II, with this horrendous controller had an excuse to suck—they didn't know any better. But there's really no excuse for the Virtual Boy. Technologizer rounds up 15 such gaming abominations.


What's unfortunate is that these kinds of odd mistakes persist today—where's the natural second analog stick for the PSP, why are all of the Wii's peripherals terrible?—showing that in some ways, they never really learn.

Though for the record, I kind of didn't mind the ginormous Xbox controllers, which were clearly user-tested with gorillas. [Technologizer]


It is all good and well to talk about N64 cartridge controversy, but no one ever mentions that controllers...

What genius at Nintendo said "Hey! We need a controller that can only be used to 2/3 of its potential at any one time!"?