15-inch Gigantor Digital Photo Frame Comes Cheap

Illustration for article titled 15-inch Gigantor Digital Photo Frame Comes Cheap

The Gigantor photo frame isn't only big on size, like its name, but it's big on value as well. For $249, you'd normally only be able to get an 11-inch photo frame, but the Gigantor gives you 15 inches of mother-in-law- viewing glory (as opposed to the 19-inch monstrosity that is the PhotoVu). It even has built-in speakers, an IR remote, eight types of memory card support, MPEG1/2/4 video and 1024 x 768 resolution. Gojira would be proud. [ThinkGeek via Crunchgear]


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FROGGER i see your point but with this you don't need a PC attached to the monitor.

I wouldn't get one. I'd just get a dell monitor and a cheap computer and set it up that way. But this is for people who want a simpler solution. However overpriced that solution may be