153 Soul-Sucking Shots of Winter

After going through the results of this week's "Gray Winter" Shooting Challenge, I'm going to need years of therapy. Or a hug from someone very, very attractive. But as usual, Gizmodo photographers have completely exceeded my expectations.

(Also, based upon my favorites, I appear to have a barren tree fetish. Regardless!)


Second Runner Up


Camera: Canon EOS 40D; Lens: EF28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM; ISO: 400; Exposure: 1/8000. Subject: Winter after California Wildfires -Devin Workman

First Runner Up


I used a Panasonic DMC-FX150 point and shoot camera. I had to shoot it in manual mode because I was shooting into the sun. This is after a rainy day in Los Angeles. The shot is looking toward Century City (The water is behind it). -Jim Hale



This is a shot I took myself at my college Campus in Goshen, Indiana. Was a very rare morning with snow on the ground, yet a tremendous amount of fog also, it almost whited out everything. This tree is in front of our cafeteria, not sure the type, but always looks very spooky at night, and this fog made it really stand out and look awesome. I shot it with a Canon 30d, Sigma 17-70 lens. No real special technique other than framing the shot and taking it. (hope this shot can be extra depressing and destroys the hope of happy holidays for everyone.) Believe me, living in Indiana in the winter, I know a thing or 2 about a gray winter.... -Andy Graber

Thanks to everyone for making this week's turnout absolutely nuts. And as always, my choices are painfully subjective, so take part of this afternoon to look through our gallery of participants, which includes photographs taken on everything ranging from Holgas to iPhone 3Gses—all of which are producing impressive, unique results.


Gallery assembled by Kyle VanHemert.

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