17 Photos Of Breakfasts Around The World

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. And you’ve been eating well. Here are 17 delicious breakfasts you ate this week.

Winner: Bagel & Lox


Bagel with Lox & Iced Coffee for sunday brunch. Canon 5D Mark II, F4.0 / ISO 250 / 1/125.

Hannah Ross

Yummy Copenhagen

Shot while standing on a chair at an airbnb with friends in Copenhagen. Leica M9. 40mm Summicron lens.

Andy Baron



This was taken with my iPhone 5s. And yes, this is my breakfast. My buddies and I are doing a nutrition challenge amongst ourselves (basically clean eating). The loser gets a kick in the man parts from the others. I was boasting to them how I was having grilled chicken and part of a T-Bone steak for breakfast. They didn’t believe me. :-)

Jeff Lewis



I don’t usually take photos of my food, in fact I usually just shake my head when I see all my friends posting their dinner on Facebook and Instagram. But having seen the contest, and having the weather turn out so beautifully, I thought I’d take my breakfast and my camera outside for a change and play a little. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix P510. The ISO was 100, the aperture was 5.9, and the shutterspeed was a crazy high 1/1250 because it was so bright out (and so breezy! I thought my newspaper was going to fly away at one point!) As far as technique goes - it was just line up the shot, don’t block the sun, and hope nothing blew away while I pressed the shutter.

Catherine Hawkins



Nothing fancy about the equipment or settings, it was just taken with a iPhone 6 – breakfast for lunch, natural morning light, and an overhead angle. I was hungry, made the food (except the breadsticks, those are Gouda Cheesesticks from Breads Bakery in NY)

Brian Li

European Breakfast


The photo has been taken while having breakfast with my girlfriend on the balcony of my room in Madrid. I’m Italian and she is Dutch - both here in Madrid to study - so our breakfast has a mixed European influence :-) The camera was an EOS 550D with a fixed 50mm lens with these settings: f/8, 1/500 sec (I don’t have a professional tripod here with me) and automatic ISO (400).

Riccardo Pinardi



I’m not a big breakfast eater but i do love my coffee. Saturday morning i happened to catch the sun and my cup at just the right moment. I Didn’t have time to rig up a camera stand so i just stood on a chair over my dining table and took the shot. Nikon D610, 50mm f/1.4D Lens, ISO 200, 1/400 shutter, f/1.4

Jerry Garcia

Waffle of Insane Greatness


Can I eat it now? [NOT YET!] Can I eat it NOW? [NOT YET... I NEED TO GET THE SHOT!!] NOW?!? [OK, go ahead. I got it.] Canon G7x, f/1.8, 1/30 sec, ISO-125.

S Wootten

Homemade Latte (Aftermath)


For the challenge I made a latte with homemade whip, freshly shaved white chocolate and ground cinnamon. I forgot to grab my camera beforehand. By the time I had returned, the whip had melted and it looked like a bubbly mess. As I sat there depressed, sipping my lukewarm latte, the idea to show the pitiful remnants of what should have been a fantastic latte. I ripped a square of printer paper with “the end” written on it. I let it soak in the dregs of my coffee for a few seconds before taking the photo. Nikon D600, 28-70 f2.8, f4.5, 1/160 sec, 2500 iso

Nicholas Shirley

Eggs Blackstone


Eggs Blackstone, a variation of Eggs Benedict that has a name that makes it sound like it should be eaten by a super-villain in his lair while he plots to take over the world. The ingredients are a bit more mundane: poached egg, tomato, bacon, baby spinach, on toast. Canon 60D — f/8 — 100” — ISO100 — 28mm.

Mike Case



This was a fun one! Classic Breakfast shot with an iPhone 6, simple filter and a giant window of morning light.

Jason Simmonds

Super Healthy


Whole wheat oatnut bread with almond butter and banana with Chia seeds sprinkled on top and green chai tea for beverage. I put it on a table and took picture from above.

Upasana Pandey

Breakfast in Bed


My girlfriend and I shared this breakfast Saturday morning. Taken on Samsung Galaxy Note III.

James Helton

Baguette Toast


No description.

Gianfranco Martinez

Santa Barbara Brunch


This was taken at a Saturday morning Brunch with some friends at my house in Santa Barbara, Ca. I stood on a chair and got a bird’s eye view of the table, and shot it using my Nikon D750 with 20mm 1.8 lens. Yew!

Blake Bronstad

English Breakfast


Do not get to eat English breakfast very often, so the theme was just right. It tasted good too!

Carole Roberts

Ugh, I had oatmeal. Every. Day. Thanks to everyone who shared their meals with us. Find the big shots on flickr.


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