18 Fiery Photos Of Grills And Charred Meat

It's summer, which means it's the time for open flame charring our dinners to perfection. Just like dad did it. Just like dad's paleolithic forefathers did it.

WINNER: Meat Man


I hope I'm not breaking any rules with this photo, but I thought a story board style picture was necessary. After getting the little guy prepped I realized I did not have any toothpicks, the staple for hot dog men. So I found the next best thing, spaghetti noodles. The noodles actually held up quite well... at least until the plating :) I hardly ever use my charcoal grill, but I thought it would give this picture a nice added touch. Needless to say I did it wrong. The coals were not hot enough and I ended up finishing the food with my trusty propane grill. I used my Canon T1i and kit lens for these shots. I made corrections in Lightroom, and arranged the photos in Photoshop. Enjoy!

- Andrew VandenHeuvel


Gear: Nothing special - a charcoal Weber shot with my iPhone 5 and filtered through Instagram. What: I grilled up steak Satay for the 4th of July because what better way to celebrate our independence than to say "screw hotdogs and burgers!" and grill whatever I want to? And my wife makes a killer peanut sauce to dip these in!

- Alan Burk

Late Friday Steak


Take a Break! It's Friday late afternoon and I was working on a cell phone photography challenge that was going nowhere. Decided to take a break by grilling some steaks and decided to see how the cell phone camera would handle this subject. Using my Samsung Galaxy S4, very hot charcoals and thick steaks.

-Alex Sanchez

Grilled Umami


Photography and the grill. A confluence of passion and a fun, challenging project. I went down to the butcher at the Farmers Market here in Los Angeles and found two fatty Rib Eyes. That was for the big flame up. They were seasoned with sea salt, pepper and olive oil. I like grilled vegetables and felt the tomatoes would be a nice balance for the steaks. Working the camera and the grill made for tricky timing, the only casualties being the fine hairs on my right hand. This was shot on my Panasonic GH-3 using the new Sigma 60mm Art Series Lens. I lit the shot with an old halogen work lamp. The camera was set at ISO 1600, f/2.8 shooting at 1/250th of a second.

- Avi Ross

Went For It Anyway


As I was making a turkey burgers for my family I decided to finally enter one of these contests. I remembered in you post that you said you didn't want something too cliché with tons of flames but I went for it anyway and used cooking spray to really get things crazy. I also decided to make it a bit more interesting and do a double exposure shot with the finished product that being a bacon, lettuce, and avocado turkey burger on garlic bread. I think the final result ended up being pretty interesting and I really like how the flames fill in the top and the lettuce. I call the picture Meet Your Maker as in the sandwich meets the fiery grill that created it. Hope you like it! Also I used a Canon T4i with a 17-40mm f4L Burger on Grill: f5 ISO 100 1/125 Final Product (Sandwich): f4 ISO 4000 1/60

- Brody White



Taken with my iPhone5. Not really a photographer and totally hope i get the 970px piece right as I think I have a good picture. I was grilling with my girlfriend this weekend and just as I was about to take them off the grill I remembered I had seen a challenge on Giz during the week. Finally figured it was a challenge I could enter and I had the perfect shot. She loved the wings by the way.

- Edwin Smith

Stop&Shop Dinner


I came across these chops in Stop & Shop on staten island. I saw just how thick they were and they were on sale. I said to myself they would be probably taste awesome if I cooked them on my new Grill. Never cook chops so thick before much less take pictures of them. They came out great. i can only hope the photo gives some idea how tasty they were. Using Canon XSI Canon zoom lens EF-S 18-55mm 1/40 5.6 800 iso no flash

- Gilbert Escalante



I've been following the photo challenges for some time now but this is my first entry. This challenge sounded like a fun and tasty one. So I went and bought some fruit, gathered my equipment and headed out to grill. Oh, I forgot to mention- I live in Texas and the heat index just so happened to be 115 degrees that day. Adding fire to the equation certainly didn't help. The peach ended up being somewhat symbolic of the effects of the sizzling hot summer sun with its juices dripping onto the grill. Shot with Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-105mm f/4L. Shot at f/4, 250 ISO at 1/160sec.

- Jayme Peterson



Equipment: Camera: Canon T3i Lens: Canon EF 50mm F/1.4 F-Stop: 2.8 ISO: 100 Grill: Weber Genesis S-330 I've been wanting to do a shooting challenge for a long time, but my work schedule has made it impossible up until now. This week I'm working from home, and had just enough time to set something up for this challenge. There's a butcher a few miles down the road that sits at the edge of a highway on a farm. They have the best meat around (most of it raised right there on the farm), and I always get amazing results cooking it on my grill. While I prefer to get it fresh, my wife had a couple of NY strip steaks from this butcher in the freezer, so I thawed them out and set things up for this shoot. Things didn't go quite as I planned, but I still ended up with some good shots. I setup my tripod in front of the grill, and took a few practice shots using some hot dogs for my kids. I tried to get my wife to hold my 43" Gold Reflector Disc in the sun at the right angle to reflect onto the meat (the grill was in the shade), but the breeze proved too much for her to hold it still. So I grabbed my remote shutter release cable, and tried to do it all myself, that didn't work out either. I ditched the idea of using the reflector and just took several shots, trying to catch the occasional flame flare up. I took a few at F1.4 and a few at F2.8, this was the best of the bunch. When I opened the images on my computer, I realized I forgot to put my circular polarizing filter on, so several of them had a bit too much reflection off the juices. Oh well too late to re-do it now. The steaks were amazing as usual, my wife said it was "like an orgasm in her mouth".

- Josh M. Bryant



Equipment: Sony NEX 5n + Zeiss 24/1.8 ISO: 400 F: 1.8 Description: I shot the photo using the highest F stop since it was at night time, giving it a contrasting effect between the subject and background. Had to shoot it at the right moment when the lobster was just at the juiciest moment. The effect turned out to be pretty good, the lobster was even more delicious.

- Kelman Suen



I was at the London RibFest and every year this guy grills with a bandana on. Summary Canon Rebel T3i Tamron 18mm-200mm Lens Focal Length 200mm ISO 200 F8 1/250

- Mark Ruddick



Maybe a little late but here is my effort for Grill shooting challenge. I am English so the chance to grill only comes about when we put something in the oven, however, I recently joined a photo group and our first meet was at a market where i saw this little fellow. I thought it was sad but delicious. I especially loved the sausages next to the pig- past, present and future all on one grill plate. Enjoy.

- Mike Dobbins



The photo is taken with my HTC One. I'm using Briol King Crown 20 and cooking on very high temp 4min each side. That preserves the meat balls very juicy. Recipe: 2 lb pork ground meat (25% fat), 1lb Angus beef (15% fat), a lot of spices (cumin, savory, salt, black pepper, chopped onion…).

- Nikolay Georgieff

Like Butta


Making a delicious steak before work and the fat around the edges had just enough crisp to them I decided I should snap a picture and share it. The fat is only good when its its crispy on the outside and melts like butta on the inside. iPhone 5 Back camera 4.12 mm f/2.4 ISO 64

- Rob Eckhard

Mmm, Cancer


I didn't really have anything to grill this week. While thinking of something to grill I was cleaning up for my upcoming move and found this phone that no longer worked. I thought it might look neat on fire and make this challenge more related to tech. This is in two pictures, one with the fire and one with the phone covered in smoke. I had a fire going for a bit then threw the phone on the grill, by then the flames were gone so it just started melting the phone. I threw some lighting fluid (safe, I know) to get some flames around the phone but the coal didn't catch fire it just create a lot of smoke, that was the first picture. After this I thought it would be a bad idea to actually catch the phone on fire while on the grill as I didn't want to damage the grill, I removed it and took a picture of the flames and put it together in photoshop. This was taken with a t3i, kit lens 18-55mm, 1/200, 5.6f, 100 ISO.

- Tiago Skora



This was a great weekend and great challenge. My arriving son is set to be born on Tuesday, so I decided to have a grill out weekend. Grilled on Friday, grilled on Saturday, and grilling on Sunday. My five year old son wanted corn on the cob, my girl wanted BBQ ribs, and I wanted hobo potatoes. All I had was a Weber Smokey Joe, so ran out to the local home depot and picked up a 22.5" Weber (coincidence my older brother also bought a Weber grill that day also...lol). I may have bought the grill for this challenge, I don't know. Spent about 30 minutes putting it together and fired her up. BTW, this was the first time grilling ribs for me and turned out great. Shot taken at into the sun with Nikon D3000 with the 50mm prime, f/2.8, 1/1000 of a sec., ISO-100.

- Tony Stanisch

Post-Charity Burgers


Got this shot this evening when my dad was making burgers. I had just been at a BBQ charity event in Philadelphia, which would've made a much better story, but I hadn't gotten any good pictures from it to submit. This will have to do... Camera: Nikon D3200 Lens: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G Aperture: f/6.3 Shutter Speed: 1/500 ISO: 400

- Will McKeown

Thanks everyone. Now I'm hungry. Find the big cuts on flickr. Just remember, Dad gets the big piece of chicken.


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