18 Photos That Show Tablets Still Make Lousy Cameras

Last week, I challenged Gizmodo readers to take some amazing photos with tablets. What I got was only a few entries from people who mostly lamented the experience. Sorry guys! But at least we followed up on a hunch.

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Winner - Photo Boother

I took this photo with my new iPad. I love the device but I am not super impressed with the camera capabilities: many photos come off pixelated, esp. in darker lighting conditions... So, instead of trying to do something that I would prefer to do with my t2i, I decided to go fun and use the photo booth app. I hope you enjoy it. Equipment: iPad 3, I mean, the new iPad.
- Diego Jimenez

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Someone Actually Liked It!

I really wanted to exploit the light of the golden hour, eschewing constructed shots for a more "found art" feeling. I spent a somewhat frantic 45 minutes capturing the late afternoon sun on anything it touched—flowers, vases, bookshelves, cats—before finding this shot. It's my friend's jewelry doll, radiating unnoticed day after day, until I bothered to stop and really look. Whether it was the magic of the hour, or simply the novel experience of a 9" HD viewfinder, the experience of shooting was surprising, exhilarating, and wholly enjoyable. (Slight temperature correction applied.) New Apple iPad, 4.3 mm, AE, 1/916 sec., f2.4, ISO 80
- Martin Higareda

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"It Turned Out OK"

Shot on an ASUS Transformer running ICS (finally...), using Photaf panorama software. "Standard" adjustments in Lightroom (i.e. no more /no less than I'd do to a shot from my D90). Sitting outside on my deck reading comics on my x-former... musing over whether I'd *ever* be able to participate in a Shooting Challenge
(lasers? extremely high-temperature sparks? jeez...). Leaned back and rested my head on the back door... And there was the answer. Try out this new pano software for Android I'd heard about, and get a nice shot of the evening sky. I think it turned out OK; remarkably well, taking the whole tablet thing into account. Oh, and btw, I felt like a *complete* tool waving the damned thing around in the air (overhead, mind you!).
- Ben Alkov

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The World's Tinniest Pancake

My family knows I'm on a low-carb diet, but they decided to make pancakes for dinner. My father came into the room with a Tupperware lid and the largest fork we had and a toothpick... The picture is tiny, tiny Pancakes and syrup next to a toothpick for comparison. I found it hilarious and decided to take a picture with my tablet for the contest. Device used: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101, ISO: 100, Flash: Samsung Droid Charge in flashlight mode. Focal Length: 3.4mm, Stock camera application.
- Joel Holowell

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Greyhound Dreams

When the prices recently dropped, I bought an IPad2 and started fooling around with the camera features. I had also just broken a bone in my foot so I was restricted to shooting from the sofa. This is a shot of our greyhound dreaming in her bed, taken with the back camera on the IPad2, using the Photo Booth app in the Kaleidoscope setting. I exported the shot to my laptop using PhotoSynch and adjusted the exposure a touch and then cropped it, both in Lightroom 3. I call it "Dog Dreams." For more serious stuff, I'll continue to use my Canon S90, but the IPad is fun nonetheless. And you know what they say, "You use the camera you have with you."
- Peter Haas


I think that the biggest problem with shooting on the iPad (or any other tablet), beyond its bulky form factor, is that the large screen brings to light just how lousy the camera is under many conditions. When you're looking at the same photo on an iPhone, pleasantly distorted through a heavy layer of instagram, it's easy to ignore artifacts when heavy contrast and bright colors can blow out your ability to discern nuance. But with a tablet giving you that realtime puke feedback as you actually compose a shot, it sucks the drive to capture something beautiful, or even spend a few extra seconds to get an in-focus shot of our pets—a reason many of you just opened Photo Booth and opted to distort your image. The gallery is below, and the full shots are on flickr.

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I have to agree that tablets do not make even remotely good cameras but real cameras could really take advantage of some of these apps.

Interestingly the camera in the iPad 3 (I defy you Apple) represented one of the most massive increases in investment for the iPad. Sure they spent more on boosting some other features such as battery or screen but they represented roughly doubling prices where as the camera was more to the tune of an additional 200%. Plus there is the trouble they have taken with the photo software. I think that Apple do not plan on ceding any advantage they have viz cameras.

I have made a guess in the past that Apple will release a proper compact with iOS in it. Having seen the fact that Samsung has been considering an Android compact suggests to me that they may have taken the idea from Apple, Samsung often seem to have leads here. It is a stab in the dark but I think that Apple would be stupid not to; of course they will have to put some effort in to make sure they don't screw it up, after all Samsung definitely have a major advantage when it comes to cameras.