2.3 Million Internet Explorer 9 Downloads Is Still Kind of Impressive

Microsoft is excited to let all their fans know that Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded 2.3 million times in the last 24 hours. As Ryan Gavin writes, "That is over 27 downloads every second, or over 240 downloads every 9 seconds." That's impressive, but maybe that's not such a huge number. It should be noted that Firefox 3 boasted a cool 8 million downloads in 24 hours back in 2008, and Firefox 4 is still on its way. Meanwhile, Chrome continues to bleed away IE's sizable market share. All the same, props to MS. [The Windows Blog]


It will ramp up as Windows Update starts pushing it. FF (or any other browser users) are probably more tech savvy in general, hence more manual downloads. But downloads per 9 seconds? What the heck kind of marketing is that? Thats 270 downloads every 10 seconds! Or 13.5 every 4.5 seconds!

Anywho, I actually like it in terms of speed, lightness, and compatibility, but until it gets real extensions its only going to be a back up browser for me. And why on earth can we not choose what sites go into the most used squares?