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2,500 Flaming Gas Burners Make This One Awesome Audio Visualizer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember Winamp's wonderful audio visualizers? They let you see your music through trippy ever-evolving patterns, but they couldn't hold a flame to this Pyro Board, which trades animations for a glowing grid of flames produced by 2,500 gas burners. Awesome first, safety second.

We've seen similar devices before, but this new video gives us a glimpse at how they really work. The Pyro Board is based on something called a Rubens' Tube, which is basically a long perforated gas-filled flaming pipe with sound blasted into one end. As the soundwaves move through the tube, it produces a distinct patterns of flames on top that constantly change based on what's being played.

The Pyro Board extends this idea into an extra dimension with a full grid of flaming holes that react in the same way to a loud audio source underneath. So not only can you hear and see the sound, you can feel it too—because as the flames increase, so does the heat if you're standing near this thing. [YouTube via Dvice]