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2000 Year Old Computing Calendar/Clock Replica Is Better Than Your Taskbar Calendar

A man reconstructed the 2000 year old Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient "computer" built by the Greeks to keep track of the moon, the planets and cycles. It's as amazing now as it was then.

The video shows off how it worked. Turning the dial shifted the moon, the sun and planets around the Earth and let users keep track of where each was supposed to be. Michael Wright and his first working model of the Antikythera Mechanism then go on to show off stuff like keeping track of the Olympics every four years and seeing when there are going to be eclipses. That's right, they could predict eclipses—which happen on an 18-year cycle—using this device! [Neatorama via Geeksaresexy]


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Considering the Pyramids, the fact that electricity was NOT invented by Edison but rather was discovered and utilized thousands of years ago (see the Baghdad Battery) and other technological wonders, I find it strange the amount of doubt people place on the ancients, as if they were wandering around with sticks clubbing each other until the 1600s.

The Phonecian copper mines in Michigan show that not only was the Atlantic navigated long ago, but that it was done for industrial purposes.

I've been into ancient technology for a long time and trust me - there were a lot of things that the ancients could do that fly in the face of modern popular history... The Tablet of Abydos as well as other sculptures depicting airplanes should be evidence enough!