The newest museum in Los Angeles has been affectionately christened “The Cheese Grater,” even though there are at least two other buildings which look like they’d shred cheddar far more effectively. But what else does The Broad resemble? We demanded, you delivered.

Even though we clearly said NO CHEESE REFERENCES, you can’t do better than this rendering of The Broad as Donald Trump’s new campaign headquarters, by Kabuki Jones. Timely and topical! That’s my winning pick, but here are 22 more things that LA’s newest museum looks like.

Okay one more cheese concept just get it out of your system

by StalePhish

Bluetooth speakers

by l3rown Fox

by BoxCakeNinja

by crkopf

by Red Jay

Creatures of all sorts

by fastdecision

by j3ss323

by LosFelizJoe

Great for allergy season

by BabylonSlim

Bad for anxiety

by Tidal Town

Space wars

by Nick the Beardo

by -408-

by SteveH

by Kingsford

The other space wars

by pandemis


by Adrian G.

by Paco Deth


The bottom

by Oven cravers jr

by just jim


Bonus: This person did not follow directions but made me think about the museum in a new way

“Is it a fruit museum?” asked M.J. Sparks

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