26 Gorgeous Cars Spotted On The Street

Cars. They're art that we get to propel forward at 80mph, or just eat a burrito in at a stoplight. And for our last Shooting Challenge, we asked you to photograph them.

Winner: Porsche


I would love to submit my Porsche 911t shot to the Cars on the Street challenge. Currently I reside in London where I, occasionally, stroll the streets and shoot cars for my pleasure.

A mirrorless Canon Eos camera with a 22mm lens was used for this shot. It takes high quality images without ripping my pockets neither by its small size, nor money wise. This shot was taken in Ledbury Road in Notting Hill on Saturday afternoon. Although the composition is boring, it perfectly brings out the impeccable shape of the 911.

- Frank Kowalski

I Thought It Looked Cool


No big story, the picture was taken with a Samsung Note 3. I had parked my car on the roof of the parking garage to keep it away from any potential door dings, and thought it looked cool all by itself in the corner. 1992 Porsche 964 Turbo

- Jeff Feltham

200K And Going Strong


This is my 1973 Mercedes 450SL. My grandfather bought it new in Newport Beach, CA and put the first 70,000 miles on it. After that my uncle owned it and drove the next 60,000 miles or so in Phoenix. I got it in 2003 and put the next 65,000 miles on it. I took this photo last week on the occasion of it turning 200,000 miles. Still going strong!

Shot with iPhone 5 in Santa Barbara.

- Todd Jared

Freshly Washed


This was shot right outside my home, after taking her to the car wash, shot with an Iphone 6 plus, no filters straight from the lockscreen camera, 1976 bmw 2002.

- Unattributed

Old Taxi


Saw this wrecked car in a street in Male' capital of the Maldives. In its old life it seemed to have been used as a taxi. Looks like an old Toyota Corolla model, which has been the car of choice to be used as taxis in the Maldives. Taken from my Nexus 5 using the native camera app in HDR setting. Image edited using VSCO Cam.

- Mohamed Ahzam

All Alone


Whilst leaving my work after a long day I saw my car all alone. The beauty of this mini machine is so elegant and supple on the roads. I can't help but look back at this car when I am walking away. The British heritage and the new German engineering is simply perfection. 09 MINI Cooper S shot with an iPhone 5s.

- Damian Nelson

Old Time


This is a car I saw parked near my house in the NC mountains. I took the photo at an intersection with my phone so the picture wasn't the best quality. I edited with Snapseed to cover up the bad quality.

- Josh Myers

Fall Prelude


It is currently fall here in Montreal and on this rainy day, after turning the corner of my street, I came upon this beautiful fall scene with this perfectly placed Honda Prelude owned by a guy down my street. I immediately saw the potential of the shot and snapped a picture with my LG G3 on auto mode with 2x zoom. The rest of the magic was performed by google plus photos auto-enhancement. No special technique was used in taking the shot. I simply adopted a point and shoot method while choosing the right angle to get the most out of the shot.

- Darren Lee



I just came from US. I was travelling by this rented car on photo. I know it's silly. This photo was taken in Las Vegas on the roof of a hotel parking. Fujifilm X-E2 18-55 Lens, ISO-200, F/7.1, 1/420 sec., 43 mm.

- Сергей Кузнецов

How Else?


Because how else are you ever going to see a car like this.

- Rein Schoondorp

American Girl


My family and I went on a trip to Chicago for our daughter's 10th birthday (She primarily wanted to go to the American Girl store) and on the way back to TN we stopped for gas and I saw this 65 Corvair for sale in the parking lot next door. It's in fantastic shape and has only 53,000 miles on it.

- Nolan Tanner

Vinyl Lambo


Attached, you will find a picture of a nicely vinyl wrapped (highly subjective) Lamborghini with art designed by Lisabel (lisabel.ca).

I saw this thing last Tuesday in Montreal on my way back home in the pouring rain. I could not resist and got my Sony Alpha 65 out so as to snap the beast chop-chop. My umbrella resting uneasily on my shoulder, I took 15 shots. Then I happened to read on the week's contest...


The shot enclosed is tuned with Darktable to spice up the saturation, contrast and brightness a bit (being that it was rainy), and to tone down the garbage pail that was a stunning blue dashing out from the rain and mixing it up badly with the exotic art and machine.

I managed to catch it at ISO 100, 1/60 shutter speed, F5.6 aperture with my 18-55mm basic lens paired to a UV filter, and whites auto-balanced.


- Philippe Gonyea

In The Rain


I waited for a lot of rain, and then I waited for it to still be a little humid and wet before going out. I had just subjected my camera to a lot of sand down at The Race of Gentlemen, so I have to be kind to it for a while. CLK430 in the rain, with very iconic Mercedes headlights (though I'm not a huge fan of them). The leaves were on the car, I didn't put them there, car was parked very close to a couple trees, and it has been a bit windy lately. Snapped the shot, and went on my way because it just worked. If it starts raining again, I see this as a really good cinemagraph, provided it can be shot without much trouble. Canon 7D latest firmware + Sigma 50mm f1.4. Handheld, crouching down.

- James Grabow

Open House


I attended Team O'Neil Rally School's free "Open House" event on Saturday with my wife. They were giving free hot rides around the gravel and dirt course on the school's property in a pair of Subaru WRXs and a pair of Ford Fiesta STs. There was a nice wide turn that came right by the area where all the attendees were standing which made for some great drive-by photos. My wife Courtney shot this one free handed with our Canon SX280 point-and-shoot on sport mode. A moment later we were all covered head-to-toe in gravel!

- Chris & Courtney Andrews

In The Garage


My GTR and my roommate's M3. Took this panorama shot with his iphone5s after cleaning up our garage, putting up racks, and hanging up the pictures of suzuka and nurburgring to represent japan and germany.

- Humza Waheed



This is for the Car photo contest. This is my 2014 Mazda3. It may not be a European exotic but that doesn't mean it can't make a good photo! My wife and I recently went up into the canyons (the Nebo Loop in Utah) to enjoy the fall colors. The Yellow aspen trees made for a gorgeous backdrop. For the shot I used a Canon 6D, a Canon 28-70mm 2.8, and set the shot at 1/160, f/6.3, ISO100 at around 10:30 am.

- Chance Hales

At The Beach


The car is a Lexus convertible, and it was spotted down at the beach. The image was obtained with an iPhone 5S, processed in Snapseed, including cropping, global adjustments to brightness and contrast, as well as pushing up the HDR and giving it a vintage appearance. It was resized in Paint.net.

- Jonas Demuro

Alley Car


This Porsche was parked in the alley close to our church. I didn't have my DSLR with me, so I took a photo with the Sony Handycam that happened to be in the back of my car. I desaturated the colors of the entire image with GIMP, and then desaturated further around the car.

- Chris Sears

Supra City


I took this photo using my Nikon D3100 with the 18-55mm Kit Lens. I shot this in Raw format using the manual setting. My settings are: ISO 1600, 55mm focal length, 0.33ev, F/22, Shutter Speed 1/100. I edited the Photo in Aperture and Lightroom 5 jointly. I am an Art Student at the Art Institute of Colorado, late in the afternoon this past wednesday I decided to go on a small photo excursion in Downtown Denver after my Tech Perspective class. I got quite a few shots, I wish I could submit them all. This one is my favorite though. The red supra with the motion blur in the background just screams speed, and look at that license plate! I call this photo "Supra City". I hope you consider my photo to be one of the finalists.

- Marcus Gesundheit

Bel Air


I'm a fan of the classics, so when I saw this beautiful blue Bel Air checking out a Halloween display I had to ask for a picture. Taken with my Droid Razr Maxx Color enhanced and cropped with Microsoft Photo Manager.

- Timothy Erling

The Old Way


I'm a big car fan from Philly.

- Ricardo Garcia

Yellow Cab


Whilst shooting in SoHo NYC this weekend I remembered this challenge. I saw some great supercars, but nothing felt as iconic & appropriate as a yellow cab driving through SoHo. I shoot around NYC a lot, usually using iPhone 5c or Nikon D5100 & kit lens (which I shot this with).

- Michael Russel

In Vienna


Vienna does not disappoint with nice cars. I found out that in the district where a lot of banks are located, black Porsches 911 are very popular. It's nothing unusual to see three in line at a traffic light. This 993 was nicely parked and just called to take a picture with my LG Nexus 5.

- Andraž Pajtler

Rodeo Drive


Sunday, October 12, 2014 was Ferrari Day on Rodeo Drive. Tons of great cars. A buddy wanted to take his 360 out for the festivities. I snapped this shot as he made a pass. Cropped a little in Photoshop. Panasonic GH-3; Panasonic 12-24 2.8 @ F 5.6 1/30 sec ISO 200

- Avi Ross

At The Ranch


Having been to this particular horse ranch on several occasions to photograph people with their horses, I was surprised to find out that the owner had so many horses tucked away in a different barn. Taken with a Canon EOS 5D, 28-135 f.3.5-5.6 Canon Zoom, ISO 400, 1/60 sec., f.5, at 35mm focal length, Manual White balance because of the crazy light, the killer orange, and the really green greens. Hand held, over my head, auto-focus.

- John Locus

No Lambos. Repeat, No Lambos.


As soon as I saw the challenge I knew what I wanted to do. I headed over to Midtown Miami where I've seen Lamborghinis and there's plenty nice murals for backgrounds. Unfortunately I didn't see any exotic cars in the limited time I had there so I improvised. I knew this building that has really cool black & white lines all over and I parked my car in front of it. My pics were pretty boring so I thought I would add some drama by doing this lens trick where I leave a long exposure and zoom out. This gives it a blur effect that looks like motion. I just used Lightroom to make it b&w and to increase contrast, clarity and shadows.

- Javier Valencia

These are really great pictures all around, making me a little less smug for relying so much on public transportation. Find the big images on flickr. (And if your image was ommitted, apologies, but we do need you using the weird file naming structure we set up.)


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