26-toed mutant kitty uses his extra digits to save animal shelter

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Meet Daniel the mutant-toed cat, who's using his extra kitty digits to rake in some much needed cash for the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center. Most cats have 18 toes, but Daniel the orange-and-white tabby has two extra toes on each foot due to a genetic mutation called polydactylism, which brings him up to 26 toes total.

And now that the Milwaukee shelter's rent has doubled, Daniel's mutant powers are being put to the test. The cat's popularity has been used to raise money for a new location. Checks for $26 have been coming in ($1 for each toe). With the help of Daniel, the shelter has raised about $80,000 and hopes to raise $150,000 total.

Here's an older video report of Daniel and his big paws.

Photo By Carrie Antlfinger at AP. Milwaukee Rescue Center via Yahoo