Hello, I am the Brute Squad and this is my friend Patsy. Looking at the latest product pics, some people are saying that the iPhone is now smaller than it originally was. The fact is that its dimensions have not changed.

See, what happened is that here Patsy was the first hand model for the iPhone money shots. The thing looked so big in his tiny hand that some people thought Walter Mossberg would be able to use it as a surfboard. So Steve called and now I am the one who <a href="holds this marvel.

And in case you are wondering, yes, hand models pose in their underwear. It's a thing we do. Like the the thing with the rubber ducks, the maple syrup and the hockey pu... hmm, on second thought, let's just skip to the comparison images after the jump.

Remember. The hand has changed, not the iPhone's size.

Size comparison [Biip]