Non-Fake iPhone Photos and Ballmer Blabber, Vol. 2

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After some days on Larry's yacht, we have finally reached Kauai. Awesome. iPhone and I needed some time alone at Hanalei Bay. You know, chill out, eat tempura tofu, drink Margaritas, ride those glassy waves from time to time and watch the morning sun together.


Boy it's beautiful here. My shiny friend and I may even take some photos of the amazing scenery. You know, real iPhone pics, not that EXIF-altered stuff. Although who knows, maybe those are real too according to evidence compiled by some Remington Steele wannabes.

You can catch more waves after the jump.

But hey, I guess those not-so-private dicks are also part of the 6% of cellphone owners who would like to buy an iPhone, so who cares. Ballmer must be really going ape again, though: someone told me he was gloating about how my glossy pal here will be a failure with just 3% market share. It seems that between the Symbians and the iPhone, he will have a hard time holding on to that 17% share they have today.

Some people say that NVIDIA and PortalPlayer will be happy about that however, since they could have one of their chips inside my gleaming mate here. I don't know who told them that. As far as we know, nobody really has a clue.



Not wanting to add fuel to the iphone frenzy, did any of you see the episode 20 of Heroes? I think the iphone was featured there, have a close look at Nathan Petrelii and Matt Parkman. If my eyes and my iphone fever did not fool me, i think i saw them using the phone...

Please tell me i am not delusional..