For thousands of years, Man made mosaics through shards of clay and ceramic, likely the artistic result of reusing broken pots. Today, we do the same thing, but with our leftover digital content: photos.

Lead Shot and Winner - Digitized

This challenge got me to thinking about my phone. I take lots of pics with my phone and my camera roll looks like a mosaic (though there's no shape). I wanted to convey the idea that with technology today we can capture everything we see. The photo is made up of about 5 different mosaics of various sizes all cut and layered differently. The main pic was taken with a Canon Rebel XSI, Off camera flash set behind two colored glass vases and a tripod.
- Will D Angelo


Custom Bike

It's a picture of me holding my bike overhead on a nearby trail in Boulder CO. The component images are from years of world travel. The mosaic program is one that I wrote myself, intended to roughly mimic tossing all your (physical) photos on a table and moving them around to look like something...Target photo taken with a digital rebel XT, standard lens (35-80mm?), using automatic mode.
- Ben Scott

A Dog's Life

The underlying image is an extreme close-up of a puppy. This picture was haphazardly taken when our Alaskan Malamute was 7 weeks old. His name is Lupo, which means "wolf" in Hawaiian. He's the size of a small bear and very wolf-like. He enjoys eating the couch and the carpet. Sometimes we don't understand each other. The library of images compiled as a mosaic overlay is made up our life together, hence the name, "A Dog's Life." Sigma 18-50mm F3.5-5.6 DC, NIKON D50, f/3.8, 1/50, ISO 1600, Adobe Photoshop, MozoDojo
- Allison Carmody


A Camera's Self-Portrait

This is a mosaic based on a photo of my Nikon D7000... Comprised of over 1,200 un-duplicated shots I've taken since January 1st with said Nikon. I've been working on a photo-a-day project this year in addition to all of my clients' work, so I figured this would be a fun way to combine a lot of the year's progress. I used AndreaMosaic to process the whole shebang.
- Jeremy Jeziorski


The Travel's Booked

I was a little skeptical when i saw this photo challenge but then I had a couple ideas that would work perfect. Since most of the photos I have from the past several years are from Traveling I wanted to do a travel theme. This is a photo of my bookshelf of travel books with a mosaic of all the photos that were taken while seeing sites from the books. I used Mozodojo to create the mosaic.
- Seth Porter


Part of the Family

This is a picture of my 3 year old daughter. I've never done a mosaic before, but I thought it sounded like a fun project. What I did was to load the mosaic software (MOSAnICk) with pictures that represented everything that has directly or indirectly contributed to her development. That includes pictures of her parents, older sister, grandparents and other relatives, friends, pets, parties, vacations, etc. The idea is that she is the sum of all those "parts."


I loaded probably in the neighborhood 5,000 pictures for the software to use to find the best fit for each block. My daughters were excited when I zoomed in, and they could see the individual pictures. Nikon D200, 85mm f1.4 (a rental, wish I owned it!), ISO 400, 1/60s exposure, Off-camera flash with umbrella, fill-flash on camera.
- Julio Brown

Some superb entries this week! Find the full gallery below and wallpaper-sized photos on flickr.

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