30,000 Photos of the Happiest Place On Earth Went Into This Mesmerizing Disneyland Time-Lapse

What started out as a simple camera test, turned into an epic time-lapse exploration of Disneyland by photographer Daniel Navarrete. The video is assembled from over 30,000 photos captured over an entire year, including ride-alongs on popular attractions.


If your kids have been begging you to take them to Disneyland, just sit them down in front of your laptop, full-screen this video, and save yourself thousands of dollars on airfare and accommodations. They won't know the difference. [Micechat.com via Laughing Squid]


In 1991 a writer named Bob Garfield calculated the "cost per fun hour" of his family's five-day visit to Disney World. It was the cost of the visit divided by the time his family spent actually doing something fun like rides, attractions and shows, as opposed to riding on buses, standing in line, etc. He came up with $412 per fun hour (today dollars). I've taken my family to Disney World at least half a dozen times over the years and I'd have to say he's about right. Maybe a virtual tour like this is the way to go.