30 Years of Amazing Criterion Collection Art Packed Into a Single Book

Today the Criterion Collection released a 306-page book full of the designs it has commissioned since 1984, including covers, supplemental art, concept art, and more. Criterion Designs is a coffee table book we can all believe in.

And maybe you want this for Christmas? You definitely want this for Christmas. Or you could buy it for the film lover in your life, straight from the Criterion store for $80. But you should probably just go to Amazon, where it's $65.


We're pretty excited about this tome, which is stocked with iconic designs from three decades of classic movies, from the blockbusters to the lesser-known cult favorites. It's awesome to get a glimpse at the artists who were asked to illustrate the art for Criterion's collection, too. But don't take my word for it. Let the designs speak for themselves. [Criterion, Amazon]

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