$300 "Audiophile Grade" Power Cable is Really Worth $15

Wasting money on expensive audio cables is one thing, but spending money on "audiophile grade" power cables? That seems downright idiotic. So you probably won't be too surprised to learn that $300 Virtual Dynamics Power 3 cables contain about $15 worth of components.


Yes, a poster on the Head-Fi forums had his fancy-pants power cable disemboweled by his cat, only to discover very little of value inside. Once ripped open, all he found was "a couple of bucks worth of 14 AWG PVC insulated bulk wire (VD's "LiniPur" conductors) and some ferrite powder, (VD's "5 dielectric layers") shoved into some heavy braided-wall PVC tubing to make it appear thick and meaty, and put together with dirt cheap connectors and DIY build quality."

But honestly, if you spend $300 on a power cable, you know, deep down, that you're pretty much throwing your money away, so you shouldn't be too surprised. [Audio Junkies]

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