3D Print Your Own Pouting Bernie

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Screenshot: Bright Buffalo Designs

In a fascinating example of the physical world entering the digital and then hurtling itself back out again, the now-famous photo of Sen. Bernie Sanders looking like a petulant seventh-grader waiting for his mom to pick him up after band practice is now a 3D-printable trinket.

There are two versions of the model available, one simple, free version on Thingiverse and a beautifully-detailed version by Bright Buffalo Designs for a mere $3.50. The free version also comes with built-in structural supports that make Bernie look like he’s Palpatine attached to his life-support system, but the paid version has wonderful details on the mittens and shoes.

You can use the model file to print your own mini-Bernie for placement in various positions including, one would assume, a little chair in your own inauguration diorama. In fact, this model will even let the noted anti-war activist hang out with your G.I. Joe figures.


The original photo by Getty Photographer Brendan Smialowski is now a popular online meme, and people have placed Bernie on the Iron Throne, in the Bachelor, and on the deck of the Enterprise. This, friends, is the obvious conclusion of modern memery—a meme that becomes a physical object through the magic of 3D modeling.

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My mother texted me a version of this meme signaling that it is officially over.

Im sure the next dumb thing is moments away.