3D Printing Doc: This Is the Future, But What About That Gun Thing?

3D printing is a number of things, depending on who you talk to: It's the future! It's dumb! It's a dangerous tool for psycho gun enthusiasts! Print the Legend, Netflix's 3D printing documentary, explores all those topics.


The movie—out September 26 on Netflix and in theaters—dives into the divisive nature of the space, through the lenses of companies like MakerBot, FormLabs, Stratasys, and 3D Systems. We haven't seen the movie ourselves, but it nabbed an award for editing and storytelling at SXSW. And though you might worry it falls into the trap of over praising 3D printing as the future on which our crumbling economy sits (thanks to a soundbite from President Obama), it avoids that by touching on that whole 3D-printed gun thing. [Deadline]

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Fears about the gun thing, like the drug and [insert outrage du jour] thing, is something the luddites and moral crusaders should have given up on centuries ago. Those horses left the barn and they ain't coming back.

We should embrace new technology for the good it can do and stop worrying about the bad. If we're allowed the freedom to improve our lives then it will make the pitfalls seem relatively minor compared.

...Or we can spend this golden age worrying that someone might spend thousands of dollars for a printer just to make a gun he can buy illegally for less than a hundred bucks. Its not like the lack of 3d printers is all that prevents people from getting shot.