3D Projection Gives Building Fantastical, Undulating Skin

If you kill 7 minutes on an internet video today, make it this clip of a minimal building facade transforming through illusions of 3D projection.


The structure is O. M. Ungers' "Galerie der Gegenwart"—or it was before projection artists at Urbanscreen got involved. Their vision of "dreaming" architecture gave the textureless, motionless facade a dynamic new look.

Some of the illusions work better than others. For instance, the first animations of two hands pressing in the bricks actually fall short of desired surrealism—probably because you see the wrists floating over the building's real windows. But other moments will exploit your perspective in the most satisfying ways, as if Optimus Prime were redesigned by M.C. Escher. [Urbanscreen via freshome via Engadget]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Random observation: The first few seconds of audio sounds exactly the same as the rollercoaster tycoon background sounds. Update: After watching more of the video, about 2:20 into the video, the exact same background noise gets played again. And again around 4:40. Seems to definitely be a loop. Is this video real?