3DID Wireless MIDI Glove Kicks Total Ass

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I now have a new found appreciation for lunchmeat. Twenty-four-year-old computer engineering graduate and musician Shaduz from Bologna developed a MIDI glove which can be used to manipulate music and sounds. The 3DID MIDI glove just isn't any glove, though—it's wireless and was built for about 150 euros, or $180. The glove features three gyroscopes, three accelerometers and 18 hours of battery life. It also has five "bend" sensors in the fingers for bending and manipulating musical instruments. Perfect for softsynths. To really get a feel for the glove, you'll need to watch this video of Shaduz DJ-ing minimalistic techno with it and manipulating the sounds perfectly. One of the most original and coolest musical creations in years.


Guy playing live with 150 wireless MIDI glove [Music Thing]

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