3G iPhone Case Shows Thicker, Curvier Backside (and Front-Facing Camera Too?)

This isn't the first time we've heard that iPhone case manufacturers have gotten an early peek at the 3G iPhone, but this rendering on XSKN's site for the EXO mask iPhone 3G is obviously a bit more detailed than the rough sketches from a couple weeks ago. It lines up with them though, as well as what we've heard earlier: It's a bit thicker, with a more pronounced curve to the back, though it's hard to tell if the headphone jack is flush now. The earpiece hole spans almost the whole width of the phone—could it be for a front-face camera? Apply the usual skepticism here, but this could be plausible, given that cases will have to be ready in time for launch, so manufacturers likely already have the specs. [XSKN via Mac Rumors]


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