$4,000 Tube Speakers for Your iPod

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I know you've just been dying to spend more money this season. And what could be a better investment than the world's first tube-based iPod speaker system. Sold only at Hammacher Schlemmer, these Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers will only set you back a mere $4,000, but hey, you'll also get a aluminum-encased amplifier housing four Class-A tubes. The company claims they are specially made for MP3 players because the speakers will smooth over distortions found in digital recordings as well as compensate and minimize the quality loss inherent in compressed audio. And that, my friend, will cost you 4000 big ones. You know what? I think I'll take those crazy digital distortions anytime.

Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers [Gadget Review]

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