4 Videos That Explain How Technology Can Affect Your Brain

BrainCraft is a YouTube channel exclusively devoted to (zombie voice) braiiiins. It explains “through psychology and neuroscience why this fleshy mass makes you act the way you do,” whether that means our compulsive Googling or our love of Tetris.

Written and hosted by Vanessa Hill, the channel’s a collaboration with PBS Digital Studios and uploads a new video every other week that probes the mysteries of human gray matter. They’ve got some interesting ones about the relationship between your brain and technology, but all of the uploads will give you greater appreciation for that pink memory sponge of yours. Here’s a few of our favorites.

Surprise, sorta: Siri and search engines have changed the way we remember and recall facts in our brains. Also, internet searches activate parts of our brain the reading a book doesn’t.

Regular Tetris users found the game changed the structure of their brains. Is that good or bad?

We all know optical illusions (BrainCraft has a video for that, too), but are you familiar with audio illusions?

Apparently 30% of all photos taken by millennials are selfies. But surrounding ourselves with omnipresent images of ourselves and others on social media may be developing positive psychological traits in humans—including increased self-awareness.

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