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45 New Angry Birds Levels HAVE JUST BEEN ADDED

Illustration for article titled 45 New Angry Birds Levels HAVE JUST BEEN ADDED

Strike while the pigs are hot, Angry Birders—Rovio has just released 45 new levels for Android, along with a new bird (a grumpy obese one, by the looks of things) and a new plot twist. Download now! [AndroidPolice]


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iPhone Angry Bird-ers! Don't fret (but be disappointed)!

The update is one that the iOS version received some time ago. It adds the 4th episode (The Big Setup) to the Android version.

Rovio's blog states, "The total number of levels is now up to 195 on the Android platform." which is four, 45 level episodes plus the 15 golden egg levels.

In short, it just made the brought the Android version up to the iOS version. If you're sad, just remind yourself that you already had all these and played through them because you're on the cutting edge of technology and Android is still for old people who are behind the times.

Rovio's blog entry for reference: