45 Seconds Is All This Kettle Needs To Boil Water

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When the craving for Ramen noodles hits, no one wants to have to wait for minutes on end before they can enjoy a bowl of salty goodness. So Tiger, maker of some of the most advanced rice cookers on the planet, has used its expertise in heating things up to create a steam-free kettle that can boil a cup of water in just 45 seconds. That's even faster than a microwave.


The secret to the kettle's high-speed boiling capabilities is a re-designed heating element inside, as well as a steamless design that traps water vapor before it can escape, condensing it back into droplets of hot water to further the heating process. And since the kettle produces piping hot water in less than a minute, it also means it's more energy efficient than other models using about 22 percent less power to boil a cup of water.

The only downside? A $130 price tag when the kettle's available starting in December. Like with most things in life, if you want it fast you'll have to pay a premium, but in this instance it may be worth it for a pot that actually does boil when you watch it. [Tiger via Tech-On!]


You can't beat the laws of physics.

To heat up 1.0 l of water from 12C (typical faucet temperature) to 100C (boiling), requires 78.1 Watt hours, if there's no energy loss at all. To do it in 45 seconds requires an average of 6248.9 W.

It doesn't matter how efficient the boiler is - you can't boil a liter of water that fast with less energy use than this.

Ok, so the text did say "cup". As in only filling it a quarter full. You'll still need to pull 1562 W to pull that off. And the kettle is rated at 1300W.

So no, you can't possibly boil a cup of water in 45 seconds in it, unless you use very small cups.