5 Fantastic Air Fresheners to Save You From Your Stench

Sometimes your stuff gets smelly. Whether it's because you're smelly or just a victim of some wayward stench, it sucks, and it's a problem worth fixing. You, dear Giz readers, responded to my desperate call for solutions, and here a few of the stand outs y'all came up with.


Forget Febreze. Here's what's going to save your smell holes.

1. Ozium

Suggested by: M D

Ozium. End of discussion.

And WalterMelon

Best Ever. So effective it is actually considered to be paraphernalia when found with other goodies.


And Curves

That stuff could cover the smell of a rotting corpse in July.

Price: $5


2. OdoBan


Suggested by: fleanine

For what it's worth... I have a shipping container workshop with a wood stove installed in it... and one night i got some serious backdraft - and it did smell pretty fierce of that smoke smell you speak of. I got a couple of these things at HD, and they seem to do the trick pretty well.. still going strong and i've had them for months.


And thebearak

odo-ban, citrus scent

Price: $4

3. Bowls of Vinegar


Suggested by: RedMantleDragoonHybrid


Leave bowls of vinegar around the house and add a few cups to your laundry. Smoke smell gone.


And crosberg

I was coming to say the same thing. Vinegar solves all problems. All of them.


And MooseKnuckles

baking soda. bowl of vinegar. just dont combine, obviously.

Price: $3


4. VaporTek


Suggested by: Menoseloso

Vaportek. It's the best odor fighting, period. You have to use the neutral scent. That's very important. The other scents are nice, but they just mask smells. The neutral scent actually gets rid of smells. They have a couple different devices that dispense it, but all you need is a fan to disperse the smell. If you smell a slight bubble gum smell, you're using too much. If you don't smell anything, you've got vaportek.


Price: $4 + $6 refills


5. Bac-A-Zap


Suggested by: sfinkster7

I owned a pest control company for ten years in NYC, for removing smoke odors after a fire to dead rodent odors there is nothing better than BAC-A-ZAP. Biological odor control. When my wife ran over a skunk I sprayed the under body and the smell was gone.


Price: $20

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