This 5-in-1 Spy Pen is every secret agent's wet dream. It functions as an audio and video recorder, USB webcam, 2GB USB flash drive, and works as a fully functioning pen too.

Using a single rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the pen can record up to 60 minutes of color video, and can be charged using a USB charging cable or an emergency AC power adapter. Also included is a special stand, which converts the Spy Pen from a simple video recorder into a webcam. And as for hiding all your important documents? Simply unscrew it in the mid section, and voila! The Spy Pen is now a 2GB USB flash drive.


It'll cost you $99 for the 5-in-1 Spy Pen, but if you pay just 10 bucks more, you can own one with 4GB of memory. Listen and sniff closely, do you hear/smell that? It's a collective orgasm from millions of spies around the world. [Product Page via Red Ferret]

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