You've got to admire the passion of this guy who put a whole special effects organ in his basement some 50 or so years ago. It reminds us a lot of the recent Absolut Machine. Leon Berry's music organ earned itself the nickname "Beast in the Basement," and it even had wind effects, Tommy-gun sounds, burlesque and bird whistles and chimes alongside normal organ pipes.

Leon rescued the organ, which was originally dubbed "the Lion," from the Lake Theater in Crystal Lake. The installation must've been tricky, since it pretty much filled his entire basement, and got in the way of his furnace plumbing.


We're as amazed by it as his neighbors must've been... and probably equally as worried about his slightly odd personality in the film clip. At least he was polite and safely cocooned downstairs, Phantom of the Opera-like, rather than roaming the streets. We can't help but wonder what he sat and played down there? [ and MAKE]

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