Remember that Walmart ad featuring a $100 Xbox? Well, Amazon is matching the offer, so you can skip the crowds. There'll be other electronics deals running all day starting at 9 a.m. EST. Update:

It looks like the Amazon 9 a.m. deal ran out (not before I managed to grab one, natch), but the same deal will be running again at 12 p.m. PST, 3 p.m. EST. So don't despair, there's a second chance! Also, Walmart is now featuring the deal online. Man holiday price competitions rule.


And also, anyone who thinks they got the Xbox deal, MAKE SURE to check your order confirmation. If you didn't get a $0.01 discount with the phrase "Lightning Deal" next to it, you won't be receiving a credit. I just checked mine and sure enough, I'm SOL, so I cancelled. [Amazon via Cheap Ass Gamer, thanks Jonathan!]