I swear, nothing takes the edge off a long day at the grindstone better than a little Swedish Death-Metal. That's especially true when you've got some Arch Enemy on tap with stone-cold fox Angela Gossow growling out vocals. Oh, did I mention I'm a sucker for female leads?

Arch Enemy has been around for, well, forever. The band originally started in 1996 when Mike Armott left Carcass and teamed up with his younger brother Christopher, ex-Carnage front man Johan Liiva, and drummer Daniel Erlandsson to form AE. However, by the end of 2000, Liiva was asked to relinquish his singing duties on account of being an utterly shit-ball front man (no, seriously) and was summarily replaced by Gossow.

Fun Fact: Prior to being the lead singer of Arch Enemy, Gossow was actually an amateur journalist in Germany and was invited to audition because she had given the elder Armott a demo tape during an interview earlier in the year.

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