Early this morning, Mayor Bloomberg had the NYPD clear out Zuccotti Park—the site for the Occupy Wall Street encampment—on the grounds that the protestors were, umm, really gross and posed a health risk.

A judge has since issued a temporary restraining order, saying that the city can't keep the protestors and their tents out of the park, but not before a good many citizen journalists piled up loads of cellphone pics and footage. Here are some of the more striking images and videos to come out so far.

Let us know in the comments if you've come across any astounding video that we've missed.

This one's got the NYPD rolling in under cover of either pepper spray or tear gas in what looks like a scene from Demolition Man.

And thiiiis appears to be a Long Range Acoustic Device. Apparently the NYPD rolled out at least one LRAD, or "sound cannon," last night to help clear out the park.

Image via RT/Twitter (Click to biggify)

Here's the big orange bulldozer the police used to clear away everything in the park. According to Twitter user Derek Rose, the driver "[Didn't] know what he's doing with it." Comforting.

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Here's a heated exchange between some protestors and the police, followed by probably the lamest chant ever.

A crowd managed to block the progress of a dump truck that was making off with all of the tents and other possessions that had been left in the park. Photo from @JoshHarkinson via The Atlantic

Image credit: Getty Images News/Spencer Platt