6 F@nTa$ti) Photos of Glitch Art

GL II I I I I TCH. Sometimes a glitch is a catastrophe, yes, but sometimes these mistakes are beautiful. For this week's Shooting Challenge, you explored the photographic celebrations of the glitch.

The Sky Is Broken This Morning


I'm not sure which is worse — waking up one morning and discovering that sky isn't real, that's it's just a giant video screen; or realizing that there's nothing on.

Composite of 2 pictures taken with a Canon 60D: Static: 1/30" — F5.0 — 70mm — ISO100; Landscape: 1/400 — F11 — 70mm — ISO160

- Mike Case



My girlfriend and I have been playing around with the panorama function on the iPhone for about a while before the latest Shooting Challenge. It was raining in Cape Town, South Africa for the last couple of days and we decided to go for a walk on the mountain before the sun (and the weekend set).

The trick is to keep the subject in the middle of the shot and move very slowly. There are other options which result in headless torsos, dismembered arms and much more.


iPhone 5S, Panorama mode. Face blurring was on Aperture.

- Andrew Beard

"Broken" Image


My source image was a stack of supermarket trolleys, which I put through 3 different app (PicsArt, Circular and Glitche). I am currently only using my iPad and therefore iOS apps to create digital art so I was interested to see how far I could "break" the source image without it becoming "mucky". This is the result.

- Mary Ominaweyama

Fern Four Ways


I used to unintentionally make Glitch Art back when I thought saving images on floppy discs was a data backup plan in the 90's before I bought my first optical writing drive. A few years later, all I had left was tons of "Glitch Art" and no usable images!

For this image it was captured with an iPhone 5S. I next used the suggested web site, the Image Glitch Experiment. This resulted in a desired effect, but the image was kind of too dark. So next, after breaking the image, I put it through Paint.net to fix it with adjustments to brightness, contrast, and color levels.


- Jonas Demuro



This is my visual representation of how Alzheimer's has affected both my Grandfather and those around him. It shows how as much as he is still there physically, its now hard to get the whole picture of what he is thinking. It also symbolizes my interpretation of how his brain now functions since being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

I took this photo using a Sony a33 and added the glitch effect using Georg Fischer's glitch generator.


- Justin Hofmann

Fresh Squeezed


The original subject of this image is of a bail comprised of various plastic bottles sitting in the hydraulic frame of a compactor. Using an application called Glitché, I corrupted but also retained the structure of the subject but slipped the colors out of place, creating a glazed-rainbow illusion. I then intensified some of the overly saturated areas with a data-mosher, which smears and damages my selected areas.

- Zack Brake

Even though we have just a half a dozen entries this week, there's some great, fun, and earnest work here. Thanks for taking part! Stay tuned for tomorrow's challenge. In the meantime, find these shots over on flickr.


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