6 Tools to Correct Your Hydration Situation

As the Midwest and East Coast continue to swelter, staying hydrated is imperative. These 6 devices will keep your fluids topped off regardless of the temperature outside.


Camelbak HAWG

This is one boss HAWG. Designed to carry everything you could need on a day-long biking expedition, the Camelbak HAWG holds 3L of liquid as well as rain gear, multi-tool, pump, spare tube, and personal effects. $130

Tributary Life Jacket Hydration

Yes, you are surrounded by water when on a boat. No, you should not idly drink it— unless you enjoy Giardia. The Tributary lifejacket hydration system fits over a standard life preserver, slaking your thirst without affecting your buoyancy. $75


Brita Bottle

Bottled water is enormously inefficient. Besides costing you $2 a pop, the bottles themselves are resource intensive and often end up in landfills. The Brita Bottle uses a BPA-free canister and the same recyclable filter technology as the home versions to provide great tasting water for a fraction of the price. $10



If you're really insistent on drinking river water (but Giardia seems like such fun!) at least use an iStraw. Its micro-filtration technology filters out 99.9999% of harmful bacteria leaving your river water safe and clean to drink— but still tasting like river water. £22


The Beer Belly

PacBell Ballpark in San Francisco charges $9+ for a 12oz bottle of Budweiser. That's highway robbery! Instead of paying through the nose for cheap American swill, strap on the the Beer Belly. It sits over your existing beer belly and holds 80 ounces of liquid— equivalent to that six-pack you were about to pay $60 for. $35


The Wine Rack

It's a beer belly for the ladies, or guys looking to accentuate their moobs. The Polyurethane bladder not only holds 25oz, it turns your A-cups into D's! $30


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