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We may earn a commission from links on this page

6 Tools to Help You Survive a Riot Mob

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

London is burning right now as a result of riots. Someday, by some twist of fate, you might find yourself heading towards, or trying to escape from, a riot. Either way, here are 6 tools to help you survive.

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LED Lenser X21 Flashlight

Fighting violence with violence is probably not the best idea in a riot scenario. But there are ways you can deter or disable an assailant. Like delivering a 1000 lumen blast to their eyes. The LED Lenser X21 is up to the task, using energy efficient LEDs to get the job done. And if that doesn't work, you can just beat someone over the head with its metal body. $275


Scarpar E-PSB Model X

If you've done something to piss off the mob, you'll need to get away fast. Unfortunately, a car won't do, because the roads are stuffed full of angry frothing madmen. But if you have even a sliver of daylight to move about, hop on a Scarpar power board and ride out to safety. It has treads, so there's no need to worry about a tire blowout, and can hit speeds up to 28mph. If someone tries to block your path, just cannonball into them. $3800

Contour GPS Camera

Riot cops can sometimes go on a power trip in chaotic situations and administer a punishment that's not necessarily just. But if you have a Vholdr camera strapped to your head, you'll either catch an unwitting law enforcer red handed, or deter them from doing wrong. Plus, the GPS tracker will pinpoint exactly where things went down. $300


Full Body Armor

Riots get violent. Sometimes weapons are involved. You should be protected if you're going to brave the crowds. A set of full body armor, complete with plastic molding and foam padding, will help protect against blunt force trauma should you suffer the misfortune of encountering somebody carrying a bat or those guns with rubber bullets. $375


Israeli Civilian-Issue Gas Mask

Know what riot squads use to disperse the enraged masses? Tear gas. That stuff is awful. You'll sneeze, you'll cry, you might even go blind. Protect your eyes and your lungs by slapping a gas mask over your grill, which is certified for biowar scenarios. Plus it has a drinking tube... $14


CamelBak Hydration Pack

Being in the middle of a riot is tough. You will get thirsty, but you shouldn't ignore that thirst because you could get dehydrated and pass out and end up the victim of trampling. How about keeping a CamelBak strapped to your person, which will deliver cool, refreshing water on demand via drinking tube. $150