The porg is easily the most controversial new character in the Star Wars universe. You either love it or hate it, but either way, everyone wants to make photoshops of this strange little creature. And Gizmodo readers delivered.

Yesterday, we asked you to send us your best porg photoshops and we got way too many to even count. Plenty of you took the challenge to another level, with more visual puns than I even thought possible. We had Porgy and Bess, parodies of Porky’s, and my personal favorite, Porgo Rosso (a completely visual riff on Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso).


But I think that I have to declare the winner to be the photoshop job above—the Porg Borg, as I’ll call it. If you don’t get the reference check out the Borg (Star Trek) page on Wikipedia. And as the winner, Gizmodo reader DPendleton gets the prize we promised: They won’t be destroyed in the coming porg uprising. (You know it’s coming.)

But there were so many other photoshop creations that were strong contenders for “winning.” My apologies that I almost certainly didn’t see every one submitted, but you guys really did an amazing job all around. It’s nice to have a funny distraction like a good, old-fashioned photoshop game, given the fact that we seem to be headed into a completely avoidable World War III. Seriously, things are not great right now.

And without further ado, some of the best porg photoshops are below, in no particular order. Be sure you let the creators know about your favorites in the comments. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

Bryan Menegus
Bryan Menegus