The Big Lebowski says two fucks per minute—and six other movie factoids

Most of you have probably watched The Big Lebowski like a gajillion times and remember enough lines to re-create entire scenes by yourself but there still may be some tidbits that you don't know about the cult classic. Like a kooky conspiracy theory that links The Dude with 9/11.

CineFix tackles 7 things you didn't know about The Big Lebowski in their latest video below.

While 260 fucks sounds like a lot, it's actually not even near the top of the list of total fucks in movies. Check it out:


So Lebowski may be ahead of Scarface, but way below about everything else. And if you order it by frequency, it goes down way below.

Look at all those Scorsese movies in that list, by the way. Uncle Martin is such a potty mouth.


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