8-Bit Style Godzilla Is Here To Wreak Pixelated Havoc

He might not look quite like he's just stepped out of a video game and on-to your desk, but the cool pixelation effect on this Godzilla figure's paint scheme certainly makes him stand out as a stylish King of Kaiju!

The latest in NECA's line of video-game-inspired takes on their toylines is based on Godzilla's appearance in the 1988 sidescroller Godzilla, King of the Monsters! for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although the 6" base figure isn't new — various incarnations of it have been released — the slightly gaudy bright blue, emulating the limited colour palette of the old console, is.


That might not seem like it's worth a whole new figure, but man, I actually really like the pixelation effect on Godzilla's spines, it's less video game and more like you're looking at Godzilla: Urban Camo edition. But then there's this too:

What a box. Even right down to the fraying edges! Even though the base Godzilla figure is great as it is, right down to the hilariously over-articulated tail, clearly the main selling point here is the presentation, and it's spot on.

Video Game Godzilla is due out in July for $25.

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