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8 Nerdy Lofi Beats, Ambient Sounds, and Meditations to Finally Chill the Heck Out This Weekend

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
We all could use a little musical magic.
Image: Cartoon Network (YouTube)

Anyone else feel like this week was know. After over a month of social distancing with not much of an end in sight, things can start feeling overwhelming. So we’ve put together an amazing playlist of lofi beats, ambient sounds, and other calming experiences to keep calm and nerd on.

Look, social distancing may leave us more time for binging shows at home, playing Animal Crossing, or finally painting those miniatures we’ve been putting off for months, but it’s also a really stressful time. It’s important to make sure we’re taking time to think, feel, and process. Personally, I’ve been trying to carve our room for meditation and quiet time during my day—and I’ve found a really helpful way to do that is through music. In fact, I’ve got one of the following videos playing on background as we speak.


Let us know in the comments what you’re doing to keep chill during a very un-chill time, and be sure to support the awesome creators we’re profiling here. They’re making music so we can make peace with a very un-peaceful reality.

1. Lofi Hip Hop Radio—Beats to Relax/Study To

This video from ChilledCow is great because it’s an online radio station, constantly churning out chill beats and relaxing melodies. And if you’re into a little bit of camaraderie, there’s a sidebar chat filled with people...mostly pressing F to pay respect.

2. Studio Ghibli Collection

This is the one I’ve got on in the background, as I find piano to be the most soothing. Hayao Miyazaki’s films are like being surrounded in a warm, comforting hug, and part of that is thanks to the scores. This helps replicate that feeling all day long.

3. Study With Connie: Chilltoons

Whether it’s a song about being independent together or wanting to see a giant woman, Steven Universe’s music always tells a wonderful story. There are plenty of great lofi and piano renditions of Steven Universe songs, but I pulled out this one because it comes directly from Cartoon Network. Plus, Connie is such a great work companion during the day.


4. Doctor Strange: Sanctum Sanctorum Ambiance

Prefer ambient noise to music? Marvel recently released this 10-hour ambient video that takes place outside of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Much like the company’s holiday fireplace videos, it’s great white noise to bring you one step closer to nature...and possibly alternate dimensions.

5. Flow—A Meditative Experience

Dust is a YouTube channel that releases tons of excellent sci-fi short films. Recently, it put out this 90-minute audio and visual meditation, full of brilliant colors, ASMR-friendly music, and a general feeling of bliss. It likewise features ambient noise for a multi-sensory experience.

6. The Last Airbender: Lofi Hiphop Mix

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s music already knows how to keep things chill, and this hip hop remix from Ambition brings it to the next level. Plus, you get the benefit of watching Appa slowing flying through an immaculate sunset.

7. Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ambient Soundtrack Mix

This video from Thomas M takes some of the softer, calmer, and more relaxing scores from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and weaves them together into a long and therapeutic experience. It actually serves as a reminder that, while the music from the MCU isn’t exactly memorable, it can be pretty damn good.

8. Poké & Chill

GameChops is a YouTube channel with several great lofi nerdy remixes, like The Legend of Zelda and Undertale. But I’m highlighting the channel’s chill take on Pokémon because, come on, it’s Pokémon.


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