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8 Photos Of Your Halloween Antics

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year. You get to dress up. It’s secular. And the candy’s free. Here are photos you shared from your Halloween experience.

A Neighborhood Haunting

My neighborhood is full of Halloween spirit and I always enjoy the opportunity to take some photos. Without over thinking the setup I was able to use the contrasting light to make the ghost really pop. I later came back and used a tripod and a flash to really play with different light sources, but ended up preferring the noisy look and more natural light provided by just the streetlights and houses. I used a Nikon D600 and Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens to get the shot.


Chris DeNamur

Undead Installation


As an Artist, you don’t just go out and buy Halloween decor. You create living installations... and sometimes you leave it up through the Holidays to stop annoying relatives from visiting your house again. This year we put together a few thrilling cinematic scenes around the house.

Naturally, I dug out my Nikon D610 paired with the Nikkor 20mm 1.8G to snap a few wide-angle shots using available light within the space.

Ryan Krukowski

LED Halloween


I mounted a few LED multicolor tea lights around a little haunted house decoration, waited for the right color and shot! Nikon D750, F5.6 - 1second exposure

Ryan McWhorter

Begone Spirits!


These Jack O’Lanterns, carved by my kids and placed on our front porch to greet visitors and ward off evil, made an ideal subject for the photo challenge. I asked a glowstick-adorned trick-or-treater to pass behind the pumpkins for a light painting effect reminiscent of a banished spirit, for which they were awarded extra candy. Tripod mounted Canon G7X, 5 second exposure, f/4, ISO-125, touched up using GIMP.

S Wootten

The Morning After


I stopped on a random street to take this picture because I liked the scene: After completing its Halloween duties, our pumpkin friend is waiting for a ride to go back home.

Canon 6D, 50mm, ISO 100, f/5.6

Diego Jiménez

We’re Almost Certain That Arm Is Fake


We were driving along i95, somewhere in Connecticut when I spotted a bruised hand hanging out of a Honda Odyssey. Strangely (??) other cars did seem a bit reluctant to follow the Odyssey !!

I have hidden the plate, reduced saturation and made very simple curve adjustments. Used Nikon D80, 18-135 Nikkor lens.


Felix Devasia

Clever Girl


I have been carving pumpkins for several years, but I do not get trick or treat at my house. But grandmother has several young kids in her neighborhood, so I carve multiple pumpkins for her to display for the young ones year after year. My grandmother enjoys the excitement of the children. The kids have come to expect a well done pumpkin every year. I try to use something from a current movie that they might have seen. Some people wonder why I would spend so much time to carve something so transitive as pumpkin, but I love the look of wonder and amazement in the viewers eye both young and old when they come up to the door.

Chris Bisset



We were getting the last remnants of Hurricane Patricia as the storm front moved across the panhandle of Florida, so the the rain would vary between sprinkles and downpours throughout the day post-Halloween.

It was lightly raining outside when my wife noticed a tree frog inside our Jack-O-Lantern. When I saw where it was sitting, I thought it would make a great shot for this week’s Shooting Challenge but since it was a living subject capable of exercising it’s free will, I knew time was of the essence. We were at my parent’s house and I had already packed our stuff getting ready to leave and had to run back out to the car to get my camera. I was able to take a few shots before the rain started to really come down before deciding that the camera was getting too wet. I imagined the little frog found its home inside the pumpkin slimy, yet satisfying ^_^


Jerry Elmore

Great shots. But no blood? No candy? What is this, Christmas?