Illustration for article titled 8GB Sansa Clips Make iPod Shuffles Seem Juvenile

Perfect for those who need a small device for music on-the-go, the Sansa Clip from SanDisk is very much like the iPod Shuffle with its compact size and its ability to clip onto belt, purses and clothing. However, what makes the Sansa Clip stand out—and what the iPod Shuffle could benefit from—is it produces more bang for your buck with its larger selection, increased storage, built-in FM tuner, and the color OLED screen that allows users to see and choose their audio entertainment. Although it is $30 more than the 2GB iPod Shuffle, the 8GB Sansa Disk can hold roughly 1,500 more songs than the largest Shuffle, and will be available starting this week for $99. [cnet via Gadgetell]


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