9 Vivacious Vines Made By You

Still photography will always be, but we can't ignore the rise of motion, from the omnipresent gif to the latest in embeddable video, Vine. So for this week's Shooting Challenge, you tried your hand at motion. Some results were amazing.

WINNER: Pencil, Paper, Sponge


An example of 3D rendering with pencil & paper. Technique: drawing stop-motion combined with live-motion and real objects.
- Pinot Ichwandardi

Chaos Tower

This is my son's Chaos Tower building set. It is for building kinetic sculptures. I did at least a dozen takes to get the timing correct. The hardest transition was right before the bounce. This was shot with my iPad 2.
- Christopher Sears

Photo Bomb


Here's my submission. It's supposed to be a Photo-bomb :-)
- Diego Jiménez



Well, I have a thing with circles, and who doesn't like fire, right? So I had to be quick since the iPhone was right on top of the heat, and had to be careful not to move it from my improvised tripod while holding the screen, so it wouldn't break the loop. This was my first Vine and I liked it :)
- Diego Ramírez



I used my iPhone 5 to shoot this. This was the result of my second attempt. The first one wasn't too bad, but it had even worse lighting. Overall, I think it turned out pretty well for only taking about 15 minutes. I really liked this challenge cause I got to use my phone for it and it got me using Vine, which is actually a pretty cool app. I found a lot of other great videos that people posted.
- Jeff Ring

Ready For This Jelly (Bean)


Shot on 1st march, I bought jelly beans and then realised I could use them, I had to make a vine account to enter (as I couldn't use vine otherwise).
- Sam Barron

Come Play With Us


I'm Mike Schneider, and I have a series of Vines, taken with my iPhone 4s, that are a riff on the Grady twins from The Shining. The twins started out creepy, but are now getting increasingly annoying, as they're finding a grown-up Danny in the grocery store, in the backseat of his car. In this one, they're in his bathroom as he gets out of the shower: The twins in the series are Megan and Alexis Steir, real-life twins who have appeared on Mad Men (the "twins" episode? I haven't seen it, but whenever I say that people are all like "OOOOHHHHH", and nod enthusiastically). I hope you check out the rest of the "story" on my Vine channel (@BLCKSMTH), I'm new to Vine but obsessed with it as a storytelling medium! And since social media fills the huge gap in my soul that recent heartbreak has provided, it would be swell if I got at least an "honorable mention"! What's next? Well, the twins are going to keep bugging grown-up Danny, finding him in the barbershop, in the laundromat. They'll get increasingly creative vying for his attention, too! Hope y'all enjoy it.
- Mike Schneider

Pew Pew


My roommates; Jimmy Britven and John Handley helped me film this. We used two nerf guns; the pistol seen, and a sniper rifle off screen. The original idea was to be shot, and fall back while shooting, in an attempt to create an endless loop of shooting each other, but it didn't come out exactly as planned. Jimmy (accidently) shot John point blank in the crotch with the sniper rifle. (Listen to the audio, its pretty funny). I used my iPad 3 to film this, and had it propped up against a chair to help keep it steady. The idea came to me when I saw Jimmy come back from dinner, and I said I needed their help right away... to shoot each other. They were more than willing to help end the life of the other with the deadly foam bullets.
- Nick Shirley

Pedal Pendulum


I stumbled upon the use of shadow as an additional creative element when I shot a different vine a few days ago and I fell in love with how shadows add another complex component to the video as a whole. When my wife saw it at first she didn't even notice that my hands were not being utilized to create the illusion. Vine is a creative outlet for me, and I'm finding that the more complex and difficult, the funner it is to make! I hope you enjoy it.
- Frank Danna

Hats off to those of you bold enough to break out of the photo and venture into video. The stop motion projects are so impressive, especially as most of us have had Vine crash from time to time. I can't imagine the cursing that would ensue if, halfway through a hand drawn animation, my screen went blank. Like, seriously, I can't imagine it. Such passionately vulgar variations on phonemes haven't been invented yet.


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Lana, Lana,...LANAAAAAA!!!

The winner is outstanding. All very good entries this week, kudos.