Looking back at older versions of software makes you wonder how we even managed to use them years ago. Dusty iterations of programs like Word, Excel, and even Photoshop were crude as hell by today’s standards. But what if Snapchat—Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite ephemeral app—had existed on desktop computers in the ‘90s? It probably would have been simpler to use, actually.

The self-destructing social media app prides itself on an interface that most adults find confusing, while tweens find it second nature. But as Squirrel Monkey reveals, had Snapchat existed before mobile devices with touchscreens and built-in cameras, it would have been dependent on simple pulldown menus and buttons, UI elements even your grandparents mastered. Of course, scanning in photos yourself is hilariously time-consuming, so you may have just been better off taking a Polaroid and sticking it in your friend’s real-life mailbox.


[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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