Elon Musk Explains Why He Quit Instagram: 'I Didn't Like It' [Updated]

It looks like Tesla founder and tortured workaholic Elon Musk has deleted his Instagram account. “Finally!” you might say, if you’ve been following the 47-year-old’s controversial behavior on social media lately. “But wait you have to give me back my phone!” Azealia Banks might say, since she demanded Musk return the…

Face Recognition Tool Helps Nice Hackers Grab Facebook, Instagram Data Just Like the Bad Guys 

Security researchers released a tool this week that lets you collect social media profiles of a massive amount of people using face recognition. While that might sound like a terrible idea, the tool’s creators say it will help security professionals by giving them the same tools as the bad guys.

Facebook 'Unpublishes' InfoWars Pages as Social Media Companies Crack Down on Hate Speech

Facebook has “unpublished” four pages belonging to InfoWars in a move that could financially devastate the conspiracy theory empire. Facebook is avoiding the word “ban,” since InfoWars can appeal the decision, unlike Apple’s recent move to ban InfoWars podcasts, something that’s understood to be permanent.

AC Lung, Space Stairs, 3D Guns and the Quietest Place on Earth: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

August 2018 rolled in with a bang, literally, as explosions rocked Caracas, Venezuela on Saturday during a speech by President Nicolas Maduro—and government officials later said bomb-carrying drones were to blame. If the accounts of an attempted assassination using unmanned aerial vehicles is confirmed, the New York…