A Battery Charger That Reports Back To Your iPhone

Most users are more than content with the red light/green light approach to battery chargers. But there's always that select few who want to know more—a lot more—and the SkyRC NC2500 should more than satisfy their hunger for data.

Not only can the SkyRC NC2500 be used to charge four AA and four AAA batteries at the same time, it can be programmed to first fully deplete them to optimize the charge, or simply top them off if you're in a rush. It can also report back the status of an older battery—like why it's dying so quickly—or repeatedly discharge and charge a new pack to break them in.


All of this can be done from the unit's built-in black and white LCD display, but it also works with an accompanying app, connecting to your iPhone over Bluetooth letting you keep tabs on charging times, and even specify how far you want a battery topped off. Overkill at its finest.

At $105 it's by no means cheap, but if you need yet another reason to shell out that much coin, the SkyRC NC2500 also has a built-in USB port letting you charge a smartphone or tablet from a set of AA or AAA batteries. So it's like a perpetual backup battery as long as you've got a never-ending supply of Duracells. [Brando via The Red Ferret Journal]

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