A Beautiful Portrait of New York From One Single Point in Just One Minute

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I never get tired of timelapses of New York City, but Rivers & Roads is particularly beautiful. It perfectly captures the arteries that carry the blood through the city—in just one minute from just one vantage point.

It was filmed by Ryan&Heidi from the second highest place in Manhattan—the 51st floor of The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park.* The soundtrack of the same name is great too, by The Head and the Heart. [Vimeo via ArchDaily]


* Ryan, who works cook+fox architects, the architects/designers of the The Bank of America Tower, sends us this note:

Just to clarify: The 51st floor is the highest occupiable floor in the 2nd tallest building in Manhattan. The 4 floors above are mechanical spaces. Higher than this point is the Empire State Building.


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